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Певец: Architects

Композиция: Alpha Omega

Длина: 03:55

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Дата: 2014-10-11


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Весь текст:

Son of God, hangman's pawn.
Control our lives
With fairytales and shallow lies.
You say we'll burn in hell.
Spiteful preacher, I know you well.
Desperation Breathes and Follows you home,
Look around, you're not alone.
One life and one chance, the world in front of me.
Intelligent design, sending shivers down my spine.
Cells mutate and divide,
What a sadistic intention.
No light, no dark . No up's, no downs.
I'll find peace, buried in the ground.
The light go out, the fuse has blown,
No heaven or hell to bring me home.
Another division to tear us apart.
Try fill that hole inside your heart.
Son of God, sun in the sky.
If you could speak, i'm sure you'd say:
"There's more to me than meets the eye."
Let me say my decency comes from inside.
Just human heart, a decent mind,
We all slip up from time to time.

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