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Певец: DOES

Композиция: Guren (Full Size)

Длина: 04:03

Просмотрели: 444

Дата: 2014-10-22


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Весь текст:

They say that you can't have shadows without light.
I've kept the memory of your voice since that day.
I wish to be strong.
The finger that snuffs the candle
can feel the soul in the heart of the flames.
I explode deep inside.
Crimson love scorches my heart.
If I wander against the wind, I'll weep.
But I'll endure my pain for I believe in the future.
In what's ahead and beyond.
The ruined sky is our bond.
I will destroy these lies and falsehood that assail us.
Should this battle be for naught,
I will journey to what's ahead and beyond.

Naruto Shippuden Opening 15 (Official FULL version), [HD] Guren - DOES + DOWNLOAD
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