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Певец: L-Gance

Композиция: Falling in Love

Длина: 04:06

Просмотрели: 466

Дата: 2014-10-23


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Весь текст:

Falling in love

Verse 1

Summer rain
Drops falling so slow
I will play
To you this song
My soul
Belongs to you
I know
I cant live without you
Its getting late
But we are not falling sleep
No time to wait ,
I want to show you what I feel .
Girl I care
And i know that you are too
Lets share ,
This space between us two .

Im falling in love with you
Im falling in love 2x

Verse 2

Waterfalls ,
Under bright of the sun .
Lets take a stroll ,
By the sea feel the sand
Under you feet
Watch the sun going to sleep .
The cold wind
I wrap you into my hug .
It feels right ,
It feels like paradise .
You are my light ,
The world which im fantasize .
Girl I swear ,
You are my goodness tonight .
Must confess ,
I always need you by my side…

Im falling in love with you
Im falling in love 4x

L-Gance - Falling in Love ( 2013 )
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