linkin park a line in the sand

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Певец: Linkin Park

Композиция: A Line In The Sand (обрезка)

Длина: 01:50

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Дата: 2014-10-21


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Весь текст:

I looked for a sign
With flames in my hands
A line in the sand
Between yours and mine
And it came
Like fire from below
Your greed led the call
My flag had to fall
But little did you know

Another day your truth will come
You're gonna pay for what you've done
You'll get what's yours
And face your crime
You'll tell them give me back what's mine
Give me back what's mine

I had never been a coward
I had never seen blood
You had sold me an ocean
And I was lost in the flood
We were counting on a leader
We were driven by need
But couldn't take temptation
And we were blinded by greed
You were steady as a sniper
We were waiting on a wire
So we never saw it coming
When you ran from the fire
You can try intimidation
And you can try to ignore
But when the time comes calling, yeah
You are gonna get yours

Фотошоп Jared'a_Leto
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